Uitgeverij Nadorst

About us

Uitgeverij Nadorst is a non-profit initiative of Stichting Nadorst (the Nadorst Foundation). It wants to provide a platform for art & literature other publishers do not dare to publish. Books, moreover, that nourish the soul but do not harm our body or our planet.

Uitgeverij Nadorst (Nadorst Publishing) was established in 2009 by three young authors from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Currently, the publishing house is run by Ruben van Luijk and concentrating its publishing efforts on analogue art photography.

And by the way…: ‘Nadorst’ means ‘thirst after drinking to excess’ in Dutch. Because after you have had your fill with all the shiny & opulent fruit from the world of global consumerism, you will find yourself thirsting for the beauty & truth of art & literature. And that’s why you are visiting us now.