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21.9.19: Nadorst launches the Leporello Series

Saturday June 1st, 2019

On 21 September, 2019, not only autumn will begin but also an event photography & art buffs may look forward to. On that date, Nadorst will officially launch its Leporello Series, a new bibliophile series exclusively devoted to analogue photo art. The first two publications in the series will be presented to the public at a lively event that will also serve as the opening for the accompanying exhibition.

The Leporello Series is a bibliophile series of leporello’s exclusively featuring analogue photography. Each issue appears in a limited, numbered edition of 100 + xi copies. With the series, Nadorst hopes to provide a publication venue for authors of analogue photographic art. As the world is increasingly avalanched by digital images, choosing to work with these old chemical techniques has almost become an artistic statement in itself. A choice for unhurried craftmanship and the capriciousness of chance. The Leporello Series will provide a much-needed paper stage for this slow form of art.

The first two volumes of the Series will present work by photographers Rens Horn and Ruben van Luijk. In
Motorcycle Pictures, Rens Horn tries to capture the magic of motorcycling. The pictures he took in the saddle of his motor bike with a simple compact camera obtain their unique character when he prints them in his dark room on vintage photographic paper, sometimes adding handwritten texts. Rotterdammers features the photographs Ruben van Luijk took in 2009 of inhabitants of Rotterdam who crossed his path while he roamed the city. Here as well, Van Luijk’s handmade dark room prints significantly add to the peculiar atmosphere of his images.

The Leporellos Series will be festively launched on September 21 in Galerie Serruys at Nieuwe Binnenweg 33 in Rotterdam (in the restaurant of nursing home Laurens Antonius Binnenweg). The presentation of the series will also serve as official vernissage of an accompanying exhibition, which will show the original dark room prints featured in the two publications. Except from having the opportunity to sniff the scent of old fixer, you can listen to & participate in a on stage discussion on the pros & cons of analogue photography. And of course you will be able to buy a leporello and have it autographed by one of the authors.

Nadorst cordially invites you to this special event. And whether you will be able to attend or not, we urgently advise you to reserve your copies beforehand, as we expect these leporellos to be sold out soon. The exhibtion of original prints can be visited until 31 October 2019; opening hours are from 10 to 17 o’ clock.