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Motorcycle Pictures


Motorcycle Pictures

by Rens Horn
  • date of publication: September 2019
  • 18 pages, 17 x 24,5 cm
  • leporello
  • language: Dutch & English
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Motorfoto’s/motorcycle pictures is the second entry in the Leporello Series and offers a selection of the pictures which the Dutch photographer Rens Horn took during his motor trips. Taken from the saddle of his Harley Davidson with the compact camera he always carries when riding, these photo’s were sometimes made at considerable personal risk.

The result is a series of images that does not focus on the landscapes the photographer rode through or the places he passed, but rather on the experience of riding a motorbike itself. Their unique vision is enhanced by the very personal visual language of Horn’s prints, which were handmade by the artist in his own darkroom using vintage photographic materials.

The Leporello Series is a bibliophile series of leporello’s exclusively featuring analogue photography. Each issue appears in a limited, numbered edition of 100 + xi copies.

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